So I wrote a thing.

Okay so I found this AU with psycho!Striders and kidnapped John who may or may not be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and the Striders are killers for hire that sometimes kill for pleasure and just ahhh poor John gets tortured all the time and dang you gotta know I’m gonna be all over that akfnsladfdf

So yeah I wrote a ficlet for it because it’s so great and lovely and dAVE is such an awkward bab omg dave you dont know what you’re doing omg stOP. and Dirk (Bro) is just fucking nuts. My writing really does not do it any justice at all gomen. I originally just sent this in their fanmail because im awkward and lame and i didn’t think it was very good bUT THEY ASKED ME TO PUT IT ON My BLOG SO OKAY… 

(AU is by Mashedpootatoes by the way!!!)

Yeah so enjoy my dumb writing gomen gomenesai. 

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J E W C E ! ! ! ! !

holy shit jewce what is this gem youve left in my box GOD BLESS YOU WOW my… heartstrings… have been yanked painfully….



I also realized I accidentally deleted a few fics when I cleared out my blog.

W h o o p s

So here are the links to two of the ones that were most popular. 

I think when I write fics, I’ll just post a link to them, unless they’re drabbles, in which case i’ll post them under a cut.

An Ironic Game of Chicken [Stridercest - NSFW] (Ao3) (

Returning the Favour [Stridercest - NSFW] (Ao3) (

As always, reviews and critique are always welcomed. It helps me learn and inspires me to write more haha.

For everyone who has already started shipping Jake/Bro

Don’t worry I already have a Dom!Jake / Sub!Bro Gunplay fic in the works.

Yes this fic will be 18+

No you cannot read it if you are under 18 (but you probably will anyways)

I already have a name for it too

'Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight.”

I have a little snippet for you guys right here under a cut too~

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Motherfucking Heartache.

Oops I accidentally a PB&J Fic.

Based off this picture by Bana

It’s in his human Sburbiastuck

So yeah, enjoy my stupid ramblings because this was just word vomit.

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